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Adam Peter Shinn hails from the Queen City streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. This is where he develops his unique blend of sonic soundscapes in his home studio: APS studios. Adam has more than twenty years experience as a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. His interest in music as a whole dates back as far as he can remember.

"Growing up, I would go out to our driveway to shoot hoops. At the same time, I would hum melodies in my head. Back then, I wished I had a way to get those ideas down so all my friends could hear them. The creative medium of music is my favorite because when it's done right, the emotion is so real. That's true for both the performer and the listener."

Shinn's goal is to find a way to express his emotions through music by any appropriate method.

"If I'm feeling peaceful and serene, I'll go that route. If a song needs a traditional intro-verse-hook-bridge-outro structure, I'll take it there. But I won't limit myself. You can't limit music. It's all about vibe and less about tradition. I'm trying to be original and true to my senses, which is my mission as a creative."


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